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Posted From: 70121
Date: 06/08/2014
Category: Sex

I love not wearing panties and flash women when they're look at me. Love the feeling of getting them turned on by my wet pussy.
Posted From: 73170
Date: 04/18/2014
Category: Sex

My husband has a fetish involving anal sex. Nearly every time we have sex he goes in the back door and I'm sure that I am being loosened. He loves it so much, and I'm not sure how to tell him that we need to take breaks from it..
Posted From: 57001
Date: 03/30/2014
Category: Sex

I have never had any sexual connection with animals nor did i think i was into that but a friend of mine has a rottie mix male that is somewhat erotic ... I dont want to sleep with the dog but i fanastize about having the dog preform oral sex on me while my buddy watches ...
Posted From: 41179
Date: 12/16/2013
Category: Sex

I am with the man of my dreams. I have waited to be with him for two years. He is everything I could possibly ask for. Lately, I have had thoughts about having sexual relations with a female. No one particular comes to mind, I just want to explore! Is it wrong? I am no dount in love with the man I am seeing now. I need advice!
Posted From: 80816
Date: 08/12/2013
Category: Sex

I have been in love with the same man for 10 years. I have never been sexually unsatisfied. The thought of cheating never crossed my mind....until I met "him". I cheated on my husband this weekend. I had uncrontallable chemistry with "Him" and can't stop thinking about it. I don't want to leave my husband I don't want anything to change. "him" and I agreed that it was a moment of weakness and to never tell a soul.
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