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Posted From: 33437
Date: 01/01/2015
Category: Sex

my dad has asecret affair with my aunt(my moms brothers wife) i come to know about it during on night when i woke up for water and saw my dad sucking my aunts nipples...
Posted From: 01748
Date: 12/02/2014
Category: Sex

I'm 42 SWF living in D.C. and I've been having sex with my 20 yo intern from GW for almost a year. At the beginning of fall semester he moved in with me to save 1000 a month rent. My main rule is he has to stay naked when there's no guests. When I go overseas for work I have him Skype me twice a day to masturbate. My favorite things to do is fill out his performance reviews either just after sex or while he is eating me out.
Posted From: 92131
Date: 07/07/2014
Category: Sex

Im so confused. I was alone and had too much to drink last night and I let our pooch do something down there, and then it ended up being a lot more naughty than that. I feel so ashamed but now its all i can think about and i want to do it again.
Posted From: 70121
Date: 06/08/2014
Category: Sex

I love not wearing panties and flash women when they're look at me. Love the feeling of getting them turned on by my wet pussy.
Posted From: 73170
Date: 04/18/2014
Category: Sex

My husband has a fetish involving anal sex. Nearly every time we have sex he goes in the back door and I'm sure that I am being loosened. He loves it so much, and I'm not sure how to tell him that we need to take breaks from it..
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